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About Us

And Baby magazine launched in July, 2001. It steadfast became the leading publication in the nation for GLBT parents. The concept was derived when publisher Michelle Darné and her partner Kathleen Weiss made the commitment to become parents, they shared the excitement, fear and questioning that all parents-to-be experience. Yet as a lesbian couple, they had questions and concerns that others did not share.

In the initial research, they were frustrated to find limited resources appropriate to the unique situations faced by gay parents. They networked profusely for feedback and advice on what options they had as gay parents, where to go and how to get started. They spent hours surfing the web for gay-friendly insemination doctors and donor facilities, went to every local bookstore in search of pregnancy and parenting guides and consulted several financial and legal advisors.

Most of the fragmented information they collected came from mainstream materials that did not address the unique obstacles faced by GLBT parents-to-be. The GLBT materials, on the other hand, did not include the broad scope or light-hearted content they liked seeing in mainstream publications. As a 20-year veteran of the advertising and publishing industries, Michelle realized the potential for a magazine that combined both sensibilities in a way that would appeal to a broad audience and be a valuable resource for others in the community looking for answers and inspiration. Twelve months later she launched And Baby Magazine.

When here! Network launched, they turned to Michelle for insight into the GLBT parenting community. As a natural progression, they recruited Michelle to be the host of the first GLBT parenting program to broadcast nationally. Bringing this information to television was a vision Michelle had had many years prior. Now through here! Family, And Baby magazine has "come to life," bringing parents and parents-to-be the information, tools and resources they need in starting and maintaining a family. It promises to be an enlightening and entertaining show, full of information for the whole family.

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