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Recent Episode: Raising Family
When you are a GLBT parent-to-be, finding the right information to begin your family can prove tedious; knowing whom to turn to, can be arduous. In this episode we address those concerns and give you a strong place by which to start and base your research.

We are joined by the Cohen-d'Aberloff family and their surrogate Dena Hartley as they take us through their journey of gestational surrogacy; two women explore their options of Invitro fertilization; and one woman takes us into her home for a look at foster parenting to the seventh degree.

In 1993 Amanada Bearse came out of the closet. Not long after she moved out of the spotlight to behind the camera. Where is she now? As a parent how did she balance parenting and her career? She shares that and much more in this incredible look at raising family.
Ever wonder what motivates a man to anonymously give of himself to create a child ­ and a family ­ he will probably never know? And Baby speaks with sperm donors to gain insight into the donor psyche. Click here for the full article published in the premiere issue of And Baby magazine.

Upcoming Episodes:
Join us next time, when here! Family delves into modern parenting. Upcoming episodes will include transparenting, HIV+ parents whom are raising children, the stresses of raising a family and combating those stresses, and an indepth look at gay marriage.

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